Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fox Hill Llamas Fibre Products and More

Llama Paper made from Llama Poo
Colorful Llama Paper is Made from Llama Poo at Fox Hill Llamas $41.59

We love Llamas, just as much as the next guy, but what we love even most is using the fibre and feces (yes, we just said feces as in poo) upcycled into usable products.  These eco friendly art products are offererd by Fox Hill Llamas and are all functional finds!  Above, colorful note paper has been hand pressed and molded and made out of recycled and sanitized llama Poop!  Who would have thought? Not makes for a colorful gift idea!

Air Plant Bubble Made from Llama Paper
Air Plant Bubble Made from Llama Paper $45.19

These felted hanging planters aka  balls are made of llama paper and jute for easy hanging. They hold moisture well, and would be perfect for air plants as shown.  You simply poke them into the openings . If you aren't a plant lover, you can add essential oil or perfume to fragrance your home. Each comes with a string for hanging, and the openings are approximately 1.5-2cm in size. 

Awesome little felted hanging ball!

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beans and Paper Jewelry by treasuresgrstore on Etsy

beans bracelet from etsy shop treasuresgrstore
Beans, who would have thought?  $20.10 here

Christina, from treasuresgrstore creates stunning jewelry made from recycled and upcycled items.  Her shop is from Thessaloniki, Greece and she uses items such as real beans in her work.  The bracelet above and below is made from fashioning and painting real beans, and creates an interesting array of rainbow colors. 

Upcycled Bean Bracelets

Christina owns a creperie shop with her husband but loves to create art and upcycle on the side. Using papier mache' and creativity, she also fashions unique jewelry that creates a wearable art form for the beholder. 

Papier Mache Necklace

Papier Mache Bracelet
Papier Mache Bracelet Flintstones Style $16.75

See more here: treasuresgrstore

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Old Bottles Make for Eco Friendly Artwork

Eco Friendly Art by   EcoArtBygreenmari
EcoArtBygreenmari< Broken Bottles Repurposed
Found on Etsy!

What a great way to use old broken bottles, in this case found in the riverbanks, dating back centuries when people used to throw out trash.

Shards of old glass which tell stories are now a fun eyecatcher on Etsy for $25 here.   This piece was made by Marianne Hayes of Pascoag Rhode Island who loves to fish and find old bottles.

Marianne states she collects old glass from the woods, the parks and rivers in her area, as it "made her sad" to see so much discarded glass.   Thus, offering possibilities for collectors, or artisans to purchase the old bottles for use in their art or for their vintage love.

In this case, she's repurposed some of the shards she found to make a colorful and eye catching eco friendly art window display.  Ironically, she also does the smae with broken jewelry, repurposing it into something new.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Recycled Clocks By Breast Cancer Survivor on Etsy

Etsy Recycled Clock
Found on Etsy at shop YouAreLovedSigns

License plates are colorful and this is a unique way of up-cycling them into pretty and usable art. These fully functional clocks run $120 and will tick the day away.

Found at shop You Are Loved Signs.  The owner Chris  Kochheim form California says, "I pride myself on producing well-crafted works of art. I use only genuine embossed license plates. Each piece is fastened to painted wood. Signs are framed and signs and clocks are backed and ready to hang."
Recycled Clocks on Etsy

What you may not know Chris is a breast cancer survivor (5+ years) who lost much of her feelings in her fingers, making it hard to needlepoint and do the other fine work she used to once do. Bending and fashioning these plates are a bit easier on her, and she enjoys being able to still express herself artistically. 
Find them at YouAreLovedSigns

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fiddleheads for Fiona's Collage Art Eco Friendly Love

Collage Art on Etsy
Etsy seller Fiddleheads for Fiona made this wonderful collage !

Fiddleheads For Fiona 's Etsy shop is loaded with handmade works of paper, also considered Eco Friendly art work. Mixed media collages like the ones above and below are made with upcycled ephemera. These are just a few things you will find by owner Rebecca Hass.  She says, "Everything  designed and made by me in my southern Vermont studio."
Eco Friendly Collage Art
Humpback whale mixed media collage at Fiddleheads for Fiona on Etsy.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Military Signs from Upcycled Cabinets Semper Fi

Phil's art niche is custom woodworking out of his shop, close to Metamora, Illinois (which is ironically in Woodford County.) He was formerly trained in avionics (aviation electronics) while serving in the Marine Corps. If you look closely, you can see Marine Corps memorabilia and jet aircraft photos decorating his woodworking shop. He currently tests software by profession, so it’s not a surprise to find that his digital day job often overlaps his woodworking night life.
Maple carved plaque uses Phil's v-carving technique.
Although he learned about woodworking through classes in high school, he credits the natural abilities inherited from his father.  Phil recalls, “My dad did cabinet making on the side. I was the gopher from an early age. The first project of my own that I remember was an exact scale replica of a battleship made from cut-offs from whatever project my dad was working on. I was probably 6 years old at the time so you can imagine just how ‘exact’ the replica was." Phil found himself into his woodworking endeavors when he bought a house.  He says, "There are a lot of sophisticated (and costly) projects you can do yourself if you have the right tools and skill." When not creating, he writes for his woodworking web site or answering woodworking questions on Internet forums. He has been featured in Wood Magazine.
These monogram plaques run about $35 in Phils's Etsy shop

How He Designed the Machine to Make His Designs Phil taught himself to use CAD software for his profession, and soon found it too useful to resist when doing his woodworking projects. “With CAD software, you can design or plan your project so there aren’t too many surprises at the end", he says.  Over time this eventually led Phil into woodworking with CNC equipment. This equipment can be quite expensive, out of reach of most hobbyists and even many professionals. So, Phil took the challenge and designed and built his own CNC router. (I'm certain having a background in electronics and CAD helped!)   Phil explains that "The CNC has opened up entirely new avenues in the areas of design.  If I can draw it, I can make it.”
Family signs are a great gift for the new bride and groom.
 Mission Style Meets Military  Phil’s design Aesthetic on signs would be considered Mission (Arts & Crafts), Shaker, and Western Victorian. Phil says, “I just love all the old trim work and designs used in the mid 1800’s.” His CNC machine in his shop is decorated with these scroll designs, similar to those used on gun engravings reminiscent of that era. 
Note the old engravings.
Phil prefers to work with native American hardwoods. Some of his stock comes from trees he felled himself and had sawn into lumber. Phil also gets some of his lumber from a local tree feller. He explains, "You cannot buy some of this wood in a lumber yard, it’s just not available at this quality level.”  Phil will also use upcycled cabinetry, such as doors in some of his designs--but only if they are real solid wood, no veneer! Connect with Phil  Phil is relatively new to Etsy and Facebook, and would love for you to drop him a line to say hello, critique his shop, or give him some new ideas! He is looking forward to becoming part of the Etsy community! Bench Mark Custom Signs and Wonders on Facebook Bench Mark Custom Signs on Etsy!

This post written by Ira Mency, for inclusion on Etsy Recyclers Guild and Handmadeology. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Green Tease Clothing Romance from Vegas With Love

This halter is hand made from a recycled t shirt, $24, at Green Tease.

Just where do old t-shirts go? Not to clothing or rag heaven, if Green Tease can help it. Cari Byers, top designer, takes them and gives them new life to make a one of a kind couture work of art.  Hip and hot, their styles are trendy and focused.  Gorgeous side stitching and reworking of the fabric turns the blah into the must-have.

$18, a steal for the Beer Lover at Green Tease
There is something remarkably beautiful about Cari's creative reuse.  She says, "I discovered how much textile waste is attributed to the fashion industry; I did not want to be part of that. I somehow wanted to be a solution. I also became aware of the huge numbers of t-shirts that are discarded every year.  I have always altered my t-shirts into fabulously great garments, I did this for friends and even as gifts.... So there you go."

$18 Make Love not War! One of my personal faves at Green Tease.

You can tell Cari loves what she does. I remember long ago, when you would buy a garment for it's attention to detail, fit and overall love for it. Now with so much mass production, that is impossible. Until of course, Cari's Green Tease Etsy shop came along. Perhaps you will be in love with her creations because of their fit, their style, or the sheer fact they have been saved from discard.  You will find something for that special someone here in this shop, and the best part? No two are alike. 

Green Tease: Cari puts the romance back into clothing.

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