Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Green Tease Clothing Romance from Vegas With Love

This halter is hand made from a recycled t shirt, $24, at Green Tease.

Just where do old t-shirts go? Not to clothing or rag heaven, if Green Tease can help it. Cari Byers, top designer, takes them and gives them new life to make a one of a kind couture work of art.  Hip and hot, their styles are trendy and focused.  Gorgeous side stitching and reworking of the fabric turns the blah into the must-have.

$18, a steal for the Beer Lover at Green Tease
There is something remarkably beautiful about Cari's creative reuse.  She says, "I discovered how much textile waste is attributed to the fashion industry; I did not want to be part of that. I somehow wanted to be a solution. I also became aware of the huge numbers of t-shirts that are discarded every year.  I have always altered my t-shirts into fabulously great garments, I did this for friends and even as gifts.... So there you go."

$18 Make Love not War! One of my personal faves at Green Tease.

You can tell Cari loves what she does. I remember long ago, when you would buy a garment for it's attention to detail, fit and overall love for it. Now with so much mass production, that is impossible. Until of course, Cari's Green Tease Etsy shop came along. Perhaps you will be in love with her creations because of their fit, their style, or the sheer fact they have been saved from discard.  You will find something for that special someone here in this shop, and the best part? No two are alike. 

Green Tease: Cari puts the romance back into clothing.

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