Saturday, July 2, 2011

Randel Plowman : Eco Collage Artist Makes A Collage A Day

That Day in August , Courtesy : A Collage A Day
Hats off to Randel Plowman, a Madison, Wisconsin a collage artist whose claim-to-fame has been making  "A Collage A Day".  Collages are 4"x4" and at the cost for US Customers only $25 +$ 2  Shipping. Not to mention they come with documentation and 8" matting. This makes obtaining a piece of this gorgeous original art affordable and desirable--and addicting! 
"Straight Shooter" Courtesy: A Collage A Day
His work is gorgeous, and often you will catch glimpses of recycled books, letters, magazines, child-scribbled snippets, found objects, old photos, or scraps of vintage ephemera.  Using these elements make for "greener" living.
"Shit Happens"  Courtesy: A Collage A Day.

Not to mention this has shown others that creating art every day can enrich your life -- hence the feature in this book from author Noah Scalin. He's been talked about in  USA Today and The New York Times.  He's proven that with the right talent and techniques, you can run your own business doing what you love to do, right from your own blog. 
WindCone , Courtesy: A Collage A Day.

Catch up with Randel Plowman at: 

His Official Website

Visit A Collage A Day Here to see work available. 

Read about him on Have Muse.

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