Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Colorstory Designs: Recycled Magazine Paper Art

They call this, "Bar Code Wall Art" because all of the magazine snippets, once assembled, look like a giant bar code!
On Etsy, hidden quietly in millions of listings, lies the makings of the next best museum worthy artists.  Out of Seattle, Washington (home to good coffee and great music) emerged Colorstory Designs. This is the collaborative work of designers Amy Gibson and Andrea Read. Their goal? They say, "To create a positive environmental impact with our work, we have developed a unique method of collecting and repurposing discarded magazines and other paper products. Since its conception in late 2008, we have continued to generate an ever-evolving collection of art and products which by their very nature insist each piece be one of a kind."

Love, love, love the colors. This can adorn your wall for only $225.
They have been been featured on several sites and blogs, and even the Fox 2 News,  and in Zest Magazine.  Perhaps what captivates the onlooker is the fact the items don't resemble old magazines, do they? Instead, they strike the onlooker as modern, unique, intense works of collage art!
This gradiant picture frame is made from recycled magazines, a steal at $32!
Gorgeous Shadow Box, comes in a variety of colors, a variety here, for only $39.

They put the romance back in paper. Magazines, transformed before your very eyes. Each has a story, history, and has been artfully repurposed for the modern diva.  If you are looking for great gift ideas, this shop is loaded with them. From earrings to holiday goodies, a fine eclectic mix of everything. Don't delay, check them out today. Find ways to connect with them, below.

Glass ornaments, $12.

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