Saturday, September 3, 2011

License Plate Art and Jewelry : Eco Friendly Mixed Media Artists

Recycled Art Co Use Plenty of License Plates in their Work.
 Old License plates used to be collected, scrapped or hung on the wall of garages or homes. Now, they are sought after by artists who have taken their art to the next step--mixed media mixed with spunk.   The Recycled Art Company on Etsy uses license plates in a whisical style, piecing them together to make Eco Friendly works of art. 

Recycled Art Co does custom work, too!
 Perhaps my favorite use of license plate is in the fashion industry, from Little Earth Productions out of Pittsburgh, PA.   Makers of the "original" Little Earth Purses, I still carry mine proudly today.

Author's purse.
The handmade marketplace has turned license plates into fashionista's dreams. These wearable statements will make you stand out, and have a OOAK item no matter what you do, no two are alike. License Plate Necklaces can be a great topic of conversation!

Make a Statement, from The Right Route!
If you dare to walk on the wild side, why not try a license plate braclet to make a bold fashion statement?  This one has to be my absolute favorite:

This cool cuff is being offered by Etcetrix!

Werewolf offers these great earrings!
 If you are curious, you can view old license plates here.  If you love the idea of owning a piece of license plate art, why not go for a giant wall mural, or large piece of artwork such as ones that incorporate lots of plates?

Wall Art License Plate Map on Barn Wood $800, by the WoodenHinge on Etsy.
 Although many artists are using these mediums, there are certainly no two exactly alike -- giving the collector a saavy option of owning their own upscale artwork.
Recycled Art Co, Funky Monkey
Jean Luc' recently said, "If someone can't afford the original artwork from an artist, many artists are selling prints of their original mixed media work." I found that to be true at the RecycledArtCo, who offers this wonderful alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on an original:

20x30 Print from RecycledArtCo will run you $65 and look lovely on your wall!

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