Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tracy Melton's Reclaimed Tree Rings : Decor and More

I happened across this artist , Tracy Melton from Indianapolis on Etsy, whose shop is Focus Line Art.  His medium is reclaimed wood, and paintings upon which are modern and unique in fashion. The colors are strikingly beautiful and somehow seem to accentuate the natural wood, keeping a fine balance between Man-Made beauty and Mother Nature.
How lovely a collection of these look on the wall in your modern home.  Each one is hand painted and glazed, with no two alike, although all are stunning!  Clients including Mcgraw- Hill Publishing, Hilton Hospitality, Therese Virserius Interior Design, Memphis Children's Hospital and The Martha Stewart Show must think so too.  Tracy has sold thousands of paintings over the years. 

Tracy says, "My work is an expression of what I see while hiking and camping in the Appalachian Mountains. It is based on how nature develops, grows, dies, and is born again. I like to engage in a nonverbal conversation about nature with the public through my paintings. My work allows me to think abstractly about the natural cycle of life."

Not only do you have a wonderful opportunity to buy a collection of wall art, but you are purchasing something made with greener items and processes! Kudos to Tracy for keeping the beauty of Mother Nature in his work and going greener as an artist!
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