Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lizzie Caye : Eco Friendly Purses and Handbags

Made from a tablecloth!
For the fashion industry, green and eco friendly designs are making their way to boutiques and stores worldwide.  For Elizabeth Patel, designer of LizzieCaye , this is old news.  Having had trunk shows and boutique orders, using upcycled materials in her treasures is a must. 
Another tablecloth !

Her handbags are unique in design, you can find everything from a sweater clutch to a tablecloth handbag.  Custom designs are featured and special orders can be bought though her Etsy shop.  Even her signature lines (below) contain hints of upcycled elements!
Signature Lizzie bag!

Kudos to LizzieCaye for being as green as she can be!

Connect with Elizabeth:

On Etsy
On her Site
On Facebook

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