Prices Realized

Eco Friendly Art:  Altered Art, Assemblage, Mixed Media, Collage
       Decoupage, Upcycled Jewelry, and Art 
Made from Recycled Trash Treasure!
Own a piece of artist made GREEN art!
Flower pins and brooches , tin, sell in the range $285-$595 by Harriete Estel Berman.
Sushipot's doll house series sell between $145-$285.
Kitchen Robots by Leuckit, sold range $120-$145 on average see there HERE.

Collage Art Blocks by Sushipot, sell for $18, See them here.
EdMDesigns's steampunk assemblages sell in the range of $145 -$165 see them here.
Twisted Fish (see them here) wall decor sell at $49 by FigJamStudio 
 Artsy's 1000 Pc Sculpture Series sell in ranges averaging $120-$350 see them here.
Modernarks shipping crate tables, sell around $249 each, see them here. 
Leo Sewell's early 1970's sculptures now sell between in excess of $9000. See this here.
Beat Up Creations sells recycled sculptures with real animal parts, this one $175.
Luna Assemblage sold at $1000, w/half proceeds to charity by Ira Mency.

RetreauxGirl's Repurposed Necklaces sell around $50, see them here.

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