Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Upcycled Vintage Buttons Make Eco Friendy Jewelry Pendants and More

Sweet Blue Octagon upcycled button pendant , $30.
Michelle Arensberg from Singing Blackbird loves to turn the old and forgotten into the new and lovely.  She explains, "There is something I deeply appreciate about the choice to make something both utilitarian and beautiful. Such care, design, inspiration, love and thought went into the making of buttons- from the tiny Victorian twinkle buttons to the large celluloid coat buttons- I love seeing these buttons make their way out into the world instead of languishing in a box somewhere. They were made to be seen, worn, and admired!"
Flower Medallion Pendant, $40.

Her designs are functional and elegant, yet all incorporate vintage buttons. One would not know these would have otherwise been lost objects--left in a tin to be forgotten forever. You can find pendants, hair pins, and rings here. 
Hair Pin Button Set, $22.
Michelle is happy to inform us that her designs are featured in two boutiques in Portland, Oregon:

* The Salty Teacup (St. Johns)
* Mag-Big (Hawthorne District)

Additionally, her necklaces, rings, and hairpins are also being used on the set of IFC's series "Portlandia", filming season two September 2011. Look for them when the show airs!

Cocktail Ring, $15.

Catch up with Michelle:

On Facebook
In her Etsy shop


  1. Awesome! Michelle is an extremely talented, and thoughtful, artiste.

  2. Truly lovely pieces. I love Michelle's work. You can really tell that she takes great care into each piece she creates. Her careful eye combines the buttons in such a stunning way



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