Thursday, July 7, 2011

Into the Trees Etsy Shop Prove Florida Palm Fronds Make for Eco Friendly Art

Janet Craig of Into the Trees shop on Etsy has proven natural elements and nature made beauty transforms into eco friendly works of art.  Out of her "Palm Frond Studios" in Lakeland & Miami Florida, Janet searches for the best elements in making her lovely home and wall decor sculptures.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so with that we will highlight her works and why we love them so. Today, we salute you Janet!
Mediums:  Original Painting mixed with Nature Made Palm Fronds        

Beautiful colors to fit most any decor range in price, some averaging around $55
and look like fish.  Janet calls these, "Painted Ladies."
See more offerings at IntoTheTrees

Each shape is different, and choice of color is amazing. This one $55, here.

Three Foot Long Fish, $65!
Fun Mermaid and More HERE.

Nature Inspired.

Santa Dude Palm Frond Art: Not just for Christmas Anymore
Whopping five feet high , $120, IntoTheTrees.

"I incorporate nature into my art. To relax, I hunt for my found palm fronds to recycle into my art, never knowing what I'll find. Each is unique in it's own way." ~Janet Craig, 2009

"Brilliantly Colored Palm Branch Art" ~ Article, Environmental Graffiti, 2010

   Janet Craig
                 Palm Frond Studio              

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