Sunday, March 1, 2015

Recycled Clocks By Breast Cancer Survivor on Etsy

Etsy Recycled Clock
Found on Etsy at shop YouAreLovedSigns

License plates are colorful and this is a unique way of up-cycling them into pretty and usable art. These fully functional clocks run $120 and will tick the day away.

Found at shop You Are Loved Signs.  The owner Chris  Kochheim form California says, "I pride myself on producing well-crafted works of art. I use only genuine embossed license plates. Each piece is fastened to painted wood. Signs are framed and signs and clocks are backed and ready to hang."
Recycled Clocks on Etsy

What you may not know Chris is a breast cancer survivor (5+ years) who lost much of her feelings in her fingers, making it hard to needlepoint and do the other fine work she used to once do. Bending and fashioning these plates are a bit easier on her, and she enjoys being able to still express herself artistically. 
Find them at YouAreLovedSigns

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